Fence Company In Jacksonville Florida – What is The Difference Between Chain-Link, Vinyl, Privacy, Fence, etc?

There are many types of fences and gates that are available in the market. You may have heard about many types of fencing from various sources but still, there are some differences between them that make them unique and distinguishable from others.

If you are thinking to hire a fence company in Jacksonville Florida, then you are doing a great job. Fences are used to maintain property boundaries, keep people safe from trespassers and criminals, to avoid any kind of accident.

You can install the fences in your backyard or any other part of your house to secure your personal and business property. Fences are also used for the protection of animals, as animals shelter, and as a security barrier for public parks or sports grounds.

Fencing plays an important role in a person’s life, as the fences are also used for the protection of livestock, pets, and valuable assets. There are different types of fences such as chain-link, vinyl, privacy, fence, fence gate, and more. The most common fence is chain link fencing.

Types Of Fences:

Chain Link Fencing:

Chain-link fencing is the cheapest fencing. If you are looking for cheap fencing, then you have come to the right place. Chain link fencing is made up of thin metal wires. These metal wires are connected at the top of the fence and are spaced apart in order to create an open space for you to enter.

Vinyl Fencing:

Vinyl fencing is another type of fencing. It is the most popular fencing, especially for residential purposes. It is also known as PVC fencing, as it is manufactured from plastic material. The fencing is available in different lengths, designs, and colors.

Privacy Fencing:

Privacy fencing is one of the best choices for home and commercial use. It is used for privacy, as it creates a barrier between two sides of the property. If you are planning to build a fence around your private property, then this fencing is the best choice for you.

The different types of fencing are made of different materials and all have their own benefits. It is a common mistake that most people make when they look for the most expensive fencing, but the most expensive fencing is not always the best. As there are so many options available in the market, you don’t have to compromise the quality of the fencing.

Wood Fencing:

This is another popular option for homeowners. You will get this fence in the form of wooden planks. You can install this kind of fence in your backyard to keep the animals and birds away.

Aluminum Fencing:

Aluminum fence is also another type of fencing that is widely used. It is a combination of aluminum and plastic, which is a strong material for making fences. It is one of the most popular fences among homeowners.

Pool Fencing:

A pool fence is a type of fence that is used in swimming pools and other outdoor pools. It is a combination of plastic and aluminum fences.

These are the basic types of fencing that you will come across. There are different types of fences that are also available in the market like wooden, wrought iron, chain-link fence, vinyl fence, etc. You can use any one of the above-mentioned types of fencing for your home or backyard.


If you are planning to hire a fencing company in Jacksonville, then make sure to take a look at the different types of fencing. This will help you to choose the best fencing that meets your needs and expectations.



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